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 Bespoke Media Coaching

Enda Brady uses his two decades of Sky News experience to deliver clear, impactful media training. He has interviewed world leaders, CEOs, elite sports people and Hollywood A-listers. Enda and his team will help you build your confidence, perfect your message and make sure that you shine when the spotlight is on you and your business.


Crisis Comms 

Our team has covered every single crisis you can think of. Let us help you navigate your way through it, get your message across successfully and avoid media fall-out. We’re at our best when there’s a crisis.


Content Creation

We can help you showcase your business and your products, whether it’s for internal viewing or for a wider audience. Our award-winning camera operators and editors will listen to you, work with you and deliver for you. We like nothing more than meeting a deadline - early!


Event Hosts

Our extensive network of presenters have a wealth of experience in live television and radio. Need a host or a moderator for your event? Let us put you in touch with some of the best in the business.


Guest Speakers

Need a guest speaker to wow your audience? We use our network of international sports people, business leaders, TV stars and personalities to deliver an event that will be remembered. Whether it’s for an internal occasion in front of colleagues or for an external audience, we will provide the perfect guest speaker for your business.

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